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Luke Loggins

Upon graduation from University of California, Davis, Luke began teaching youth garden education programs. Studying depth and eco-psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, Luke implemented community composting systems in diverse cultural contexts. He believes that in this moment of climate grief and anxiety, the compost calls us to let go, break down, and re-member ourselves as part of a web of life that necessarily involves death. does not provide medical advice or diagnosis regarding physical or mental health. Use of this website and the information provided herein does not create a physician-patient relationship. We are not physicians. It is important to see your doctor before making any decision about your physical and mental health. You are solely responsible for your decision to obtain treatment from a medical professional. The information presented through this website is not intended to replace the advice of your physician. This website was designed for educational purposes only and not for the purpose of rendering medical advice. Please also kindly note that the chakra colors have been interpreted by Belle’s heart and ROANDCO’s Creative genius.