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A beautiful


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Belle Hahn - Hand drawn lotus

A beautiful


Hand drawn red pencil mark

Supporting others on their healing journey.

I am sharing my story from victim to creator. For much of my life, I lived in a victim state of mind, processing what happened to me. I now see, through my healing, that what happened to me was for me.

Through exploring the colors of my trauma and the beauty that has birthed from it, I have become my own warrior and guide. I am honored to share the stories of survivor to thriver: victim to creator. Awakening to my own empowerment because of these experiences and staying in the truth is a gift.

Sunbeams through tree with visible roots
Photo by: Jeremy Bishop

The 1st Chakra

"I AM"

Element = Earth

Color = Red

Bija Seed Sound = LAM

Energy = Grounding, Safety, Survival

Belle Hahn - Root Chakra

The 2nd Chakra


Element = Water

Color = Orange

Bija Seed Sound = VAM

Energy = Desire, Pleasure, Sexuality, Creativity, Procreation, Sensations

Belle Hahn - Sacral Chakra

The 3rd Chakra


Element = Fire

Color = Yellow

Bija Seed Sound = RAM

Energy = Willpower, Self-esteem, Transformation, Strength

Belle Hahn - Solar Plexus

The 4th Chakra


Element = Air

Color = Green

Bija Seed Sound = YAM

Energy = Compassion, Love, Patience, Understanding

Belle Hahn - Heart Chakra

The 5th Chakra


Element = Ether

Color = Bright Blue

Bija Seed Sound = HAM

Energy = Communication, Creativity, Self-expression

Belle Hahn - Throat Chakra

The 6th Chakra


Element = Ether

Color = Indigo

Bija Seed Sound = OM

Energy = Seeing, Intuition, Seeing the Unseen, To Know the Unknown, Self-Reflection

Belle Hahn - Third Eye

The 7th Chakra


Element = Ether

Color = Pink

Bija Seed Sound = OM

Energy = Connection to a higher force, blissfulness, bountifulness.

Belle Hahn - Crown Chakra
Belle Hahn - Root Chakra
Photo by: Kim Reierson
Hand drawn multi-coloured lotus

A compassionate observer

Hand drawn purple pencil line

Embrace your beautiful awakening and begin your journey on the path to a higher collective consciousness.

I have been fortunate to travel a lot, from cross country road trips to Paris couture fashion week to Bali…and have a strongly rooted love of cultures across the world.

Born in Manhattan, and raised between New York, California and the Deep South, I was a child of the garden, educated in flower names and in spiritual downloads. With art history on my walls and fashion encircling, we were often labeled as socialites, but even early on I wanted to spread light to the social scene instead of being defined.

Nature was my refuge and still is, though I love the city, fashion, art, parties and people.

Today, I live in Santa Barbara, California co-raising two children while continuing my own healing journey. I want to learn from the world and those that inhabit our Earth to spread Light and Love.

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